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How to split PDF files online

How to split PDF files online

In just 5 simple steps, you can merge your PDF files online!

  1. Click the Select File button or drag the file to the box above to upload the PDF file
  2. There are two PDF splitting options: page mode
  3. Click the split button to split the PDF
  4. Wait a few seconds or minutes, click the download button to download the file
  5. Or you can choose our other PDF tools, such as PDF compression, PDF to Word or water printing

Excellent online PDF splitting tool PDF88

  • Completely free PDF online splitting tool

    Completely free

    Our online PDF splitting tool is completely free, without any hidden fees, and requires no registration, payment, login and other cumbersome operations to use directly!

  • PDF online split is easy to use

    Easy to use

    It only takes five simple steps to complete online PDF splitting without downloading software

  • The best online PDF splitting platform

    Best PDF Merge Online Tool

    You can split PDF freely through the page mode, or split it according to the fixed number of pages through the fixed mode, without any quality loss after splitting

  • Fast splitting

    Superior performance

    Dozens of megabytes and hundreds of pages of PDF files can be split in seconds without waiting for a long time

  • PDF splitting is safe


    Our server does not save any of your data. After processing, it will be deleted immediately. You need to upload it again next time

  • Leading technology

    Leading technology

    The industry-leading PDF technology solution has no loss of quality after PDF splitting, rich functions, and more functions are waiting for you to unlock

Online PDF Split FAQ

  • Is your online PDF splitter free?

    you 're right! All tools of PDF88, including online merging tools, are free of charge.

  • How to split pdf files?

    1. Upload your PDF file
    2. Two modes are available: page mode and fixed mode
    3. Page mode: split each expanded PDF page with scissors, and separate PDF files will be generated after splitting
    4. Fixed mode: you can specify a fixed number of pages, split according to the fixed number of pages, and generate independent PDF files

  • Can split PDF files be compressed, converted, or edited?

    of course! You can continue to compress the split PDF on our website. PDF can be converted to Word or watermarked, edited, etc. Welcome to use it. It is completely free.

  • Is your online PDF splitter safe?

    PDF88 attaches great importance to the data security of users. Security makes us first consider and focus on safeguarding
    All data transmission channels are encrypted with SSL256, and other people cannot steal the data in them
    After processing, we will delete your files from the server immediately! Instant transfer and use, each PDF processing is a one-time use